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im some dickbag from washington state. im an equestrian and cosplayer, as well as dabbling in art sometimes. my other main hobbies involve dead things and snakes.
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"why be straight and cis when u can be queer and tr-"

hi lets not treat lgbtq+ identities like fashion trends

Some Things About Dysphoria No One Talks About


  • It is very common for your dysphoria to increase after you come out to yourself.
  • You may feel dysphoric after being gendered correctly. Many people have to undo years of socialization to be able to feel totally comfortable with their true gender.
  • Dysphoria comes in waves and is rarely a steady constant. There will be times where you feel like you have no dysphoria at all, and times you will want to die. All of this is normal and common.
  • What you are dysphoric about may differ over time. As you transition physically, your shift may focus. As you start becoming comfortable with certain aspects of your body, others become more apparent.
  • There is no such thing as not dysphoric enough or not trans enough. Don’t fall into internalized transphobia by thinking that if you are okay with some things that you are not a real trans person.

Living a healthy lifestyle, staying in contact with a support network, and being around people who love you for you can greatly improve your dysphoria. Don’t be around people who trigger you or are in any way toxic to your well-being. Transitioning is about healing. Don’t let anyone force open wounds you are trying to close. Be around people who are good for you. 




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